Tuesday, November 3, 2009

forgotten progress pic for shawl, and baby!

Here's the casting on photo of the Ripple shawl.

And then, I had to add, the shawl wrapped around my brand new granddaughter, Evie, born Nov. 2


nolaboard said...

Somehow the notes on the photos are backwards, oh well...

adrienne said...

baby is absolutely adorable!

the shawl is coming to live at my house. emailing my snail mail addy to you! :)

being a moderator should have its benefits, you know.

nolaboard said...

Sorry Adrienne, the yarn for that shawl was a mother's day present from my son and daughter in law!

adrienne said...

but i wannnnnnnnnt it!!! pouting :((

ok. then you can go buy some more and knit me a NEW one! :P
yes, that would work. **nodding head**