Wednesday, January 6, 2010

12m/12p/12boy - January - Brenda (Owlsrook)

Completed January 2010 Projects to date:
Here are my two completed short row diagonal scarves - each done in Kroy XL Sock Yarn. "Clover Colors" and "Cameo Colors" are the yarn names. I used 3 balls of yarn for each scarf with a tiny bit of the 3rd ball left over from each scarf.

Yardage for each scarf approx. 490 yards each. The pattern is "DI.VE TESEO",
Triangle/Short-Row Scarf. (CYPF121).

I am waiting for my order of Crystal Palace yarns to come from Little Knits, so don't know if it will arrive in time for me to have a CPY project in January or not yet. In the meantime, I am off to pick something else to knit....hummmmm.


adrienne said...

I...HATE...YOU!!! only kidding, ms speedy fingers!!!! the blue one is so me. why, thank you!!!! =)

ok, back to my boring socks...need to finish, need to finish....

Anonymous said...

Oh Adrienne, big hugs, now stop whining....and make me some socks.

I just needed to do some mindless knitting over my few days off over New Years, so put myself in my recliner with a bunch of yarn and glass of wine and well.....knit my way through several movies.

Can't wait to see you finished socks. Knit on my friend....


adrienne said...

wine?! no wonder you finished so fast! you had incentive. LOL.

whine...but these socks are MAJOR boring. just you wait and see. BORING!!!!!!!

Julie said...

I LOVE these scarves. It has inspired me to also make a similar scarf.