Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thank you and cast ons for 12/12/12 KAL

Woo-hoo! First off, I want to thank you all again for announcing that I was the winner of the 52 week challenge. It was a great year of knitting and this is such a fun group to participate in.

I have already cast on two projects for 2010 and they are both using CPY yarn!

#1 is the SKA mystery sock for January which incorporates texture other than ribbing and knitting with beads. I cast on 1/1/2010 and am using Lacquer Red Panda Cotton and assorted red "Magma" Miyuki seed beads, size 6/0:

Here is my first sock through clue 1:
I know the beads aren't popping out much because I purled them after putting them on using the crochet hook method. On the second sock I knitted instead of purled and they pop out more on the right side. I may or may not fix the first sock... I hate ripping back!! :-)

I also started a sock from Nancy Bush's book "Knitting on the Road" which I received for Christmas. I cast this sock on 1/3/2010. This pattern is called "Friday Harbor" and I am using Sky Blue Maizy yarn:
sock 001

This sock is moving along quite quickly; I'm glad I have it to work on while I wait for clue 2 on the other sock.

I hope we have another UFO KAL this year because I am leaving some UFO's by the wayside as I cast on fun new projects!! :-) I'm going to need some motivation to get back to those.


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nolaboard said...

Congratulations!! You will have lots of fun yarn to choose from this year!