Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February Restart

Well, here is another start for a February project. The first project is now in the UFO pile till I can order from Knitpicks, as I managed to break three of the five needles. After I get new needles, I'll start picking splinters out of the yarn. Sigh.

Stash diving is fun, however. I didn't even remember that I had this yarn. This is Panda Soy in Fudge Brownie, on Signature 2.25mm needles. It is a bamboo, soy, nylon mix. At least these needles won't break, although they may not have been the best choice with this yarn, which is somewhat splitty. Hopefully they will be finished in time - if the weather does not get colder and the bus is not too crowded, maybe by the weekend. If not, there go my lunch hours.

Happy knitting, everyone. Regards, aj

1 comment:

adrienne said...

bummer about the needles. i love "fudge brownies"!!!!