Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First pair of socks, ever - mlj1954 - Progress Photos

I have never finished a pair of socks. It is looking pretty good that I should be able to get this pair done:

This is Lion Brand Magic Stripes Yarn (330 yards). It is superwash wool/nylon mix.

Fortunately, I guess I really liked this yarn since I bought three skeins and am also making gloves:

I cast on for the socks on February 13, as part of the Ravelympics challenge. I finished the first one and cast on the second one this past Saturday, February 20. This is how they are so far. I was planning on finishing the second one last evening but took some really good sinus medicine and went to bed instead. But here is how they match up now:

Isn't it cool how the strips match! I had to unwind part of the one ball but then I remembered the fingers on the gloves and since I think it would be okay, I am going to use the little bit of ball for the fingers on the glove.

I am hoping to have both socks finished by the end of lunch today . . . I guess I'll just skip exercising! Its a sacrifice but I'm willing to do it . . . and besides my sinuses will probably appreciate it too!


jdhforjc said...

yeah!!!!! It is a flag for all of the countries! Congrats

adrienne said...

yeah, YOU! boy, are you in trouble now! sock knitting is gonna get you!!!

Denver Nash said...

Congrats on your first socks! You will definitely be hooked. My sock stash has grown immensely!

kadezmom said...

Congrats and great job

peacockmom said...

These are wonderful! And gloves, too?! So glad to have you join us in the wonderful world of sock addiction. Welcome. :)