Monday, March 15, 2010

12m/12p/12boy - mlj1954 - progress sock

Socks for Zachariah . . . socks are my new passion . . . the problem is not second sock syndrome . . . the problem is poor planning on my part.  This was going to be something else, except that I was going to knit group and needed something that I wouldn't be counting on.  So I started this sock.  It was last Wednesday, March 10.  I don't remember the yarn but the good news is that I do have another skein of the stuff in my stash. 

Here is another picture of it.  This stuff is incredibly soft.can't you just feel it???

The other sock, which I will add a progress photo (it is on a different camera), is not as soft.  But Zachariah will love them.  And here is one progress photo (way below is another):

This was made with Lion Brand Sock-Ease.  He liked the way the stripes work out.  The advantage of making socks for him is that his feet are relatively small.  The bad thing is that he has to wear dark socks to school.  We are pushign the idea of "dark" socks with this yarn. 

So, I have one more sock to finish in this yarn and finish the other unknown yarn sock plus the matching one!

Maybe someday I'll make a pair for me.

Oh, look, I found some more of the progress pictures of the Lion Brand Socks!


nolaboard said...

i love that blue and green yarn! How pretty!

MLJ1954 said...

Thanks. It is really nice.