Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2 More FO's

I have 2 more finished projects to post. The first is my Saskia Shawl, which I don't think I posted here. I used 806.4 yards of JaggerSpun Maine Line yarn in Teal, which I love.

The second is the Panama Shawl by Monika Eckert, knit in Misti Alpaca Solids. It took 1551.4 yards, and it came out huge - a whopping 96" x 45". I didn't realize that it would be so large!

Now I am working on the Eliina Shawl using leftover Maine Line yarn from the Icelandic Shawl that I made in 2007, continuing with Multnomah, and have started a pair of socks. The February Lady Sweater is coming along very slowly, but I will see my daughter next week and will be able to measure it on her so I can proceed. Progress photos are coming as soon as I have a sunny day.



nolaboard said...

Beautiful shawls!!!

Brenda said...

Really pretty, love the light blue
it looks very delicate. Lovely work.


adrienne said...

you are the queen of shawls! beautiful projects