Thursday, March 18, 2010

Roger socks for month of March

I finished the Anne Hanson Roger socks which fit Fred perfectly thanks to Adrienne's help. The cuff section fits fine as written for the 64 sts, but I had to add enough after the heel flap to get to the usual 72 stitch size for Fred. The cuff pattern stretches enough and perhaps if I had continued in the pattern, the below the ankle part would have fit as well, but Fred has decided he prefers plain ("not lumpy") stockinette below the ankles. I had to frog back to the heel flap when it wouldn't go over his foot. That's when Adrienne rescued me and saved the sock for Fred. I will knit another pair just like them in another medium weight yarn in my stash. I would love to get some more of this yarn. It is a joy to knit. Just the right firmness, but soft at the same time. :)
The yarn is "dyed in the wool handmade" from Canada and "fingering sock medium weight". I got 7.5 st/inch with 2.5mm needles. I love this yarn and also enjoyed this pattern very much. I have 59 gms left from a 115 gm skein. The pic with the skein is closer to the true color, but is much prettier in person.

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