Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May Start and Finish

Second try for a May project. First was for a MMario knit, which has now been frogged. Did not mean to do socks two months in a row, but I can use them. Since surgery, my socks do not fit one foot, so I've been wearing one of my socks and one of husband's. Didn't matter so much till warm weather, but it sure is obvious when one is wearing sandals. So far, when people comment, I just look down, smile, and say, "You know, I have another pair just like this at home." But it will be nice to have the choice of matching socks if desired.
Anyway, these were on size 0 needles with Hot Socks Sockenwolle, color 232. Oddly enough, the color repeat is almost exactly the same as the Kroy from last month. Meanwhile, the MMario project is back on needles with a different yarn and a better understanding of the pattern. Maybe for next month . . .

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