Saturday, May 29, 2010

sox on the beach!

hey, angie-girl! i have a pair just like yours! LOL! except mine are only 77 stitches!


Angie K said...

:) Your stripes match up WAY better than mine do tho! I am wondering what they would look like in thinner stripes--like Regia Mini-Ringel.

adrienne said...

regia might be fun. i have been playing with cherry tree hills fingerpaints and was thinking it might be cute with this patter. hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

and i think i might have "cheated" to get the stripes matching. =)

i am totally anal that way.

Angie K said...

If you look at some of my socks, I try to match stripes sometimes too. My socks don't matter--tho with these I made sure where i started the other skein continued the stripe! ooohh...CTH is a good one...STR would be good too. ;)