Thursday, May 27, 2010

May's FO

It's been another crazy month in Kadezmomland. Here's two scarves I've made this month. The striped one has 254 yards and the second is 270, totalling 534 yards of yarn...I love seeing everyone's fo's, even when I don't have time to comment! :D


adrienne said...

can you please post a picture showing the entire stripey scarf? thanks!

kadezmom said...

Sure. I sent it to my friend......let me see if I can get her to take a picture.

kadezmom said...

I found one she had posted elsewhere. If this doesn't show enough, please let me know and I'll give her a call. Yes, I made the mittens as well, but one must take a progress picture! :D It's always the details that get me.