Friday, June 25, 2010

Dog Days Entry

I'm hoping this qualifies for the Dog Day's KAL, hah!

Ravelry Link!

I started this shawl in June 2009, and I last worked on it on 7/21/09 when I mentioned being on row 15 out of 40 for clue #4. I know that seems like more than 2/3rds, but look at this thing. It's a friggin monster. It takes me like an hour just to complete one lace row and one knit row. I picked it up again last weekend for this KAL, and worked on it on and off this week, and I am STILL on clue stupid 4!

Here's a picture of it taken just after clue #3. You can see where I marked the end of clue #2 on this also - there's a light green lifeline going through it.

I'm still on the first skein of this monster, too, but it's almost done. That's 880 yards. I have about 17 rows left of this clue and then the hellish edging, so I figure I'll get through about half the second skein. I'll have to weigh it. I'll snap a picture and post progress of it before I start the edging.

I'll be lucky if I get this finished by the deadline while trying to keep up with 12/12/12. XD


adrienne said...

good luck!

i am working on spitzbergen and am on the final clue but mine is no where near as big as yours!!!!

Calophi said...

I just got to the last clue but it's going to take me forever! I was sort of hoping I could motor through it by Sunday but that's not happening. XD