Tuesday, June 1, 2010

last 12/12/12boy items for May.

Hi, I finished the gift for my neice for her wedding along with the cowl (already posted.) I used two skeins of cotton from Michael's ( forgot the brand) and it made four dishcloths. The pattern is the Squidge Cloth on Ravelry. I used size six needles and it was super easy until my son cut my yarn off of the project and snipping the project too! I was a "little" upset. I think it was harder for him to know that other people (lys friends) knew it too! The green is really pretty and I think now that is is just a "family" gift. I actually picked the yarn for a project for me that was more challenging. Maybe if I can quit doing socks I can make some more. And at least if Karly's dishcloths only lasts a short time she won't have a problem with it!
The other items are and wip's that were finished (or fixed) for our local "Alien Days Festival. Our LYS has a UFO project contest (un-finished objects!) I think I finally can eliminate the gusset hole repairs now, yeah. I am getting better! I also finished a pair of socks late last night. Not sure if I can count them for next month or this one. I will post them later this week after family is healthy. Hope everyone's holiday was nice!

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