Saturday, July 3, 2010

12/12/12boy June and present!

Hi, Here is my item for this month. It is a doll sweater for my daughters American Girl Doll. The doll was gifted to her this last month too! I am so grateful that a Ravelry member gave it to her that I had to make something for it! But, I will never do another sweater! The whole time I was worried I would run out of yarn too. I will definately use a solid next time too! Too much making the sleaves and body of the work match jazz (picky,picky,picky!) I also hate being a self taught knitter and not feeling comfortable with the directions on a new project. And, too much sewing up. I used 50 gm's of Opal (the same color as my Rhode Island socks.) The doll is holding the leftovers! Now she can knit! We are making her a pair of knitting needles too! It looks more like an 80's dress that needs leggings because of my gauge I think! But, I can't rip it out.
And here is my gift for the last 50 Socks/ 50 States Rav group! A wonderful color I love in Panda Superwash! I am so glad I did not start the Blue Crab socks! I will be making mine red! Yeah, yeah, yeah! Thanks Adrienne for all of your hard work and Susan for the wonderful gifties! It makes no yarn budget easier to take! Off to cast on! Pray for us again too. Darin lost his job (for the third time) and will be off to California soon to get some work! Have a great Fourth of July holiday! Drive safe ya'll! I have never been so excited to finish a project but, back to socks!


jdhforjc said...

I checked the label and used more than 50gms.

jdhforjc said...

My hubby got a scale from Harbor Freight for $5.99 on sale. The sweater weighs 63.3gms on it. Yeah, now I can measure socks and get them longer or shorter in length!