Friday, September 17, 2010

September Finish

I finished my project for September in 11 days. Yay!  I just got some pictures of me with it on today, though.

I've made the  Lady Grey Lace Shrug by Rachel Erin in Knit Picks Palette, colorway Garnet Heather. It took me 2.5 or a smidgen less balls, so I'm at about 575 yards. I am pretty sure I used a set of size 4 knit picks interchangeable needles for this. They might have been 5s but I doubt it.

This was a really quick knit except for the darned cuffs, but since I did that monstrosity of a yellow shawl earlier for the WIP KAL I'd done edging like the cuff edging before and it didn't take as long as it would have.

More pictures here:

Half finished:

Sleeve Blocking:

On Me:

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Kate said...

That's Very Pretty.