Sunday, October 17, 2010

12/12/12boy October finish (and progress again)

Hi, Here is what I've been working on. Dishcloths for my Ravelry friend in Texas. 8 finished for the 12X and 8 for the holiday. Basic Peaches and Cream, Red Heart (and the other one.) I am glad to get them done in time for her craft fair for the United Way charity. I used about 50 yards for each one. The pattern will be on my Ravelry projects page as soon as I enter the pics there (modified with a sc edge to make it crisper.) The other half of the dishcloths I will use for the holiday contest.

Plus, here is a picture of my "jean's scarf" (with the last of the red dishcloth in my other hand.) We were doing a scavenger hunt with his pumpkin in the produce section of our grocery store. Isn't he getting big? Can you see the fun fur yarn on his pumpkin? He had to put yarn on it with candy! The skein for the scarf is a gifted sock yarn from Joann's that I had in my stash. It is an easy pattern and I hope to have it done this week and get back to my socks! They are lonely.

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