Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 2011 PrimeTime

So here it is Jan 20 and I've just started my January KAL project - actually I cast on last night. Should be able to get this done in time, good thing I can knit on my commute to work! I love the mini mochi and have never done a shawl, so I picked the "Shawlette" pattern which uses two balls of the mini mochi (so technically 390 yds) and my colourway is Tropical Ginger. Size 5US needles, started off on straights and now I've changed to circulars. I like this pattern, it's a simple lace that's suitable for beginner lace-ers like me. I tend to pick up and put down projects a lot so I need something where I don't forget where I left - tinking back lace is a PITA. I have 8 days, can I do it? LOL


adrienne said...

piece of cake!! of course, this remark comes from someone who took 3 months to knit my last shawlette!

YoYo SockSister said...

If you can do it in 8 days - I'm impressed! That is what I'm working on this month also and I'm excited I should finish this weekend...but I started the first of the month. Good luck and go for it. It is a fun pattern!