Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jan More FO's

Playing with some Mochi Plus trying to make some mitts. Also is a shawl I was lucky to get to test knit. I used Hazel Knits soy/merino. This pic is the truest of the colors.

While waiting for more yarn to finish the shawl, I started a pair of clogs for Ken. He chose the colors. This make 2 pair this year. Probably should keep track as last year I made over 30 pairs. Debating on felting these now or wait until I have a pair done for ME ME ME.
I ran out of yarn for this shawl. Needed about 50 yards. Wendee from Hazel Knits sent it to me. I am so amazed as I can not tell where one yarn ended and the other started. This shawl took 490 yards.

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adrienne said...

only ONE pair of clogs?! i am shocked! i tell you! truly shocked!!!!!