Thursday, January 20, 2011

January Finished Objects

I am not usually so full of random knit projects but I kept wanting to start new things between finishin up some left over projects. I had a request for black texting gloves and then used most of the remaining yarn on the hat for my munch. ( I started w/ 2 skeins for ease of 2aat and ended up w/ about 50yds left so 344yds of wool-ease used).

Then my Chroma Prism hat took a little over half the ball - so at least 100yds. I love the stripes and was kind of experimenting w/ the yarn to decide if the fingering would work for socks - but sadly I don't like to have to worry about the strength of my socks and might have to pass.

I also finished the leftover 'to-be' felted bowl w/ was a tad under 1 skein of patons wool - doubled so counting for 100 yds. It is still unfelted and being modeled as a sloppy hat. :)

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adrienne said...

i wanna pinch those little cheeks....