Thursday, March 24, 2011

March Prime time:

Meet Pompom. He visited our home on Monday, as he had a problem. So many children were playing with him, and talking to him, that his nose almost fell into pieces.

 Now that sure is sad, and the teacher asked me if I was able to repair his nose. I am not a puppet doctor though, but I tried. Oh my, his nose sure was in a miserable condition. I had to make him a new one! That same morning, he went back to school, as a class full with children were eagerly waiting for him.

The socks - quite something, but they are finally done. Baroque, done in purple Malabrigo. Enormous, the twisting involved in this pair. 330 yards were used for this pair


YoYo SockSister said...

The socks are gorgeous!!!

Kate said...

Great job on PomPom.

adrienne said...

poor least he had a kind "doctor!" =D