Saturday, March 26, 2011

March primetime

Hi, I have a pile of things for March. Next month I am going to be able to handle fingering yarns. I have two prayer squares, one dishcloth, a Tuesday Evening cowl (nutmeg tones,) and a Reckless cowl (purple.)
I used Encore for the navy square, and Lion Brand for the Earth and sky for the brown and blue square. The dishcloth is Peaches and Creme. The Tuesday Evening cowl is Panda Silk DK doubled. My favorite is totally the Tuesday cowl. I used the whole skeins making it taller. And, finally the reckless cowl. It was TOTALLY RECKLESS. The numbers were off on the pattern and the swirls do not line up. It was also super small because it barely goes over my head. It fits my DD well so she may snake it. I was super disappointed. I may just rip it out and make something else. I am going to try to block it again and see if I can live with it. The yardage was way off also. Nathan just lost both front teeth and had to be in the picture!
I am so glad to be onto different projects! I am going to do the Coquille cowl on the CPY group on Ravelry and the 50 socks New Wheat sock on the 50 socks 50 states group.

I can't wait to do the shawl on the CPY group on Ravelry. It has been a long time with no fingering yarn on my needles.

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