Friday, May 27, 2011


I made the Santa Fe Bag by Devra Wagner.  I'm feeling so-so about the results.  I was trying to use up some stash yarn and the two yarns I chose were too close in color to show off the delightful zig-zag feature of the pattern.  Also, since I was using yarn that had been given to me, I'm not sure of the yardage I used (due to insufficient label info for one color, no label for the other) .  The pattern calls for 450 yards total.  While I'm not  convinced I used that much, I take it on faith that I used at least 300.

I wish I would have used my brain a little more instead of blindly following the pattern.  I definitely would have changed the top border and knitted it in seed stitch or even a couple of rows of garter stitch instead of stockinette all the way up to prevent the roll along the top edge.  One of these days I'll have to put in a lining.  Ripping it back and doing it over isn't an option (for me) since one of the straps (30 inches of i-cord) is knit as a continuation from the end of the purse.

Ta-da!  Another FO!

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