Saturday, May 28, 2011

Prime Time - May projects

I have a little mismatch of projects this month. . .
Finally! I finished the Sweet Briar Scoodie that was started way back in Feb - just in time for the bday it was intended. . . I kind of like the idea of the hooded scarf but the pattern was painfully boring and picking up the border was not my fave either - if I were to make something else like it I would just pick a patterned solid scarf and hood w/ matching edge and it would go much faster!
Then as usual I had a few socks in the rotation. First was my 3 ewes Twisted in Fiber stripey fix w/ "frog legs":
and my purple "blueberry waffle socks" that was meant for my Apr solid socks but wasn't finished until May :) :
and lastly, we went a little bananas over "Jerry the Musical Monkey":

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