Thursday, June 23, 2011

June Burnt Toast Primetime

I finished a lot of little things in June, but this is my biggie: a honeycomb brioche .. um shawlie? Mega-kerchief? Pointy scarf? It's quite long enough, and I really like the dimensions, I'm just really not sure what to call it (this is why I do not publish my designs). Whatever it's called, it makes me think of burnt toast.

It's over 300 yards of cashmere and cotton, dyed in my oven (that big brown thing on the couch is the dyed blank). I loved working on this.


tvanwormer said...

love the name. It looks super soft!!

Kate said...

It is!

adrienne said...

"big brown thing" - very descriptive. i will have to have you start naming my designs. LOL!

scarf does look very wearable!