Monday, June 20, 2011

Tangled up in Blue Hitchhiker

Tangled Up in Blue Hitchhiker -- I loved this project.

(this is my daughter Brooke!!)

I used some sportweight Mardi-Gras (1 skein - 350 yards) on size 6 needles.
Instead of the usual 42 "teeth", I stopped at 32. By then, it was 58" long and 11" wide---Very wearabe.

More details are on Ravelry: Tangled up in Blue

wip is after 25 "teeth"
I would recommend this pattern -- fun and fast in the bulkier yarn!


adrienne said...

brooke is gorgeous! your scarf's not too shabby either! LOL! does she get to keep this?

Kate said...

Your Hitchhiker is great, and the colors are beautiful on Brooke. I like her hat too.

tvanwormer said...

Unfortunately...Brooke says that they are "not her colors". I am happy that she is honest about it.....and will be knitting her one...same pattern, same yarn...different colorway -- brown. tawny & black.
***She remembers going to the straw shop on San Pablo!! We are going to get Brooke knitting again! ...And...I think she is cute too...but I am her mom!