Thursday, July 7, 2011

Isla Vista Shawl

This is the lovely yarn (thank you again!)
This is the beginning of the Shawl. I am calling it Isla Vista -- It is a mix of some of my favorites: the boat shape of the Saroyan (only I think mine will be larger)....the garter stitch body like the hitch hiker...and a border that I dug out of a stitch pattern book that I have been admiring. The lace pattern reminds me of waves on the shore....and I guess that I imagine this project will look like a garter stitch island rising out of the surf. I grew up in Santa Barbara, looking out at the Channel Islands. The photos below do not do the yarn justice...colors are most like the "Stash" photo above.
(Below -- yes....I had to rip back some after discovering a slipped stitch a few rows back that just wouldn't fix.)

Detail below is really a spicy cumin color----not gray!

Ravelry site: Isla Vista


peacockmom said...

Outstanding! :) I'm so impressed with your abilities creating your own design. Mini Mochi makes it even nicer, of course. "Good on 'ya" as they say down here.

tvanwormer said...

I think the yarn makes me look better than I am!!!