Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wiki Waki Woo

First off, this project will not count but wanted to post it anyways. I did not take a progress picture. I seem to get so involved in knitting I do forget that many times.
I was lucky to get to test knit this shawl. I made it in Panda Silk DK. So love how it turned out.

Then I did remember to take a progress picture. Here is the start of Wiki Waki Woo. A pattern by Adrienne.

This pair will be put back for Christmas. I have one gift done. YIPPEEE


peacockmom said...

Lovely shawl and fantastic socks! Lucky person who gets them for Christmas. :)

tvanwormer said...

really nice.

Angie K said...

Your Wiki Waki Woos look amazing in a solid color!

Susan in Michigan said...

The shawl is lovely and the socks look like fun! Can't wait for the pattern to be available to everyone.