Sunday, August 28, 2011

August Prime Time Entry

This shawl was no fun! The pattern required 350 meters of cotton. The cotton I used was something I had already attempted turning into a sweater, but after using up 1-1/2 balls of the 3 I'd bought, it quickly became apparent it wasn't going to happen. I figured there had to be enough there to make a shawl. There was, but my complaint is based on the fact that the label said there were 550 yards per ball! I've been lied to before, but this is a bit ridiculous. I used more than 2-1/2 balls to complete the shawl. (The yarn was wound onto large cardboard cylinders, so it was all very deceptive.) The shawl was intended for me, but you'll notice it fits my 7-yr-old she needs a shawl! On top of all that, this was the splittiest yarn I've ever worked with. I needed to work in bright light to make sure I was always picking up every single strand of the yarn. Live and learn.

This is pre-blocking. It didn't stretch much when I did block it.

At least the background scenery in these photos is nice. The start is in the Dolomites and the finish was next to the Ligurian Sea. I had a nice vacation despite the dog of a knitting project I was working on.


adrienne said...

i am sure that your little girl will enjoy playing dress=up with that very cute shawlette!

tvanwormer said...

I think the pattern is quite sweet. If you want some great cotton -- try the Cotton Twirl. Really nice to work with...and I am not just saying because Adrienne is listening. But watch out... it will ruin you for other yarn ;]