Saturday, August 27, 2011

August PrimeTime - More Socks!

What else is there but socks??

This month I left my comfort zone only a bit and a knit toe-up pattern, Diamonds and Cables by Wendy Johnson. That little cable up the middle was a real stinker so I was quite happy when my daughter requested short socks.

Knit in the Provence colorway in CPY Panda Soy but a tad short on yardage. I'll be back soon with a small project to fill out the month.

ETA: I left to cast on a pair of baby booties with the remainders, BUT since I'm only short by about 20 yds, I'm posting this August project to fill out this month.

I bought the Panda Soy above for a baby layette but fell in love with this Hobby Horse pattern when I found it. It's just a big 72 st sock knit with worsted weight and felted a bit. Finish work took much longer than the knitting. (Yes, you do see 3 1/2 yds of I-cord. UGH)


adrienne said...

didn't the pair of socks take at least 300 yds? or are the feet short?

carol said...

I try to do a CPY project each month but this used 275 yds. The legs were just 4 1/2 inches. Feet are size 7.5.
Is this ok to use an additional item to make up for the extra 25 yds?

Oh, noticed the A(heart) next to my name so looks like I'm good.

Thanks Adrienne!

Susan in Michigan said...

Love the socks Carol!

peacockmom said...

Love the hobby horse. Nice socks, too. :)