Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mini Mochi Fest

I had two projects for this month -- each with a skein of Mini Mochi.

Tender Heart

This was from the pattern Tender Heart by desiger Annie Lee. I used 1 skein (195 yards) in Tropical Ginger on size 7 CPY needles.
Rav site: Tender Heart

Then I did Annisette

Based on the Shawl Annis
I used 1 skein (195 yds) of mini mochi in Jungle on size 7 CPY circular needles. I only soft blocked -- because I like the way the "collar" rolls and the lace is soft. Mostly, though, I like the color. Rav site: Annisette


peacockmom said...

Beautiful. Love the jungle color yarn. Looks very "peacockish" LOL.

Nice choice of patterns and yarn. You can't go wrong choosing mini mochi, that's for sure.

tvanwormer said...

It does look (drum roll) peacock-o-lisious. It doesn't look much like the cover picture of the pattern. But the softness makes up for any loss of definition in the lace pattern. I think I have two more single skeins to play with....

peacockmom said...

Sure is a beauty. I'll need to get some of this colorway for sure. I like the soft look, too. :)