Friday, November 11, 2011

Greenie Beanies

Two Patterns Using Forest Greener Iceland Yarn.

#1 Greenie Beanie (on Rav) based on Snappy Hat 130 yards Started and finished 11/10/11 size 10 needles

#2 --Forest Greens (on Rav) made the pattern up myself using a mitered decrease that mimics "turn a square" and 3 bands of Linen Stitch to give it some more texture. Used about 85 yards...on size 9 needles.
Started: November 5, ended Nov 6th.

These are presents from Auntie.


peacockmom said...

Your hats are great and just what I'd like for walking in the forest. I especially like the pattern you created. "Good on 'ya" as they say down here. You've inspired me to finish the green hat I have on the needles. :)

tvanwormer said...