Saturday, November 12, 2011

November prime time footies for moi

Adrienne's Llama, llama, duck pattern. I shortened the cuff and did a plain foot with a star toe to fit me. This yarn is Nightfall in royal blue colorway by Fibrofibers. I used the entire skein and got 2 pairs of the footies. 490 yds and I have very little left. It is much nicer after having a bath which softened the yarn quite a bit.

Great pattern which I will make in a longer version for the winter. Probably one of my entries for next year before our winter starts in June. I'd start it now, but I have so many wips I've almost lost count. I'd love to finish them before the new year. Wish me luck...LOL


tvanwormer said...

Great colors. Can you have too many wips? (I used to be a serial knitter before I joined this KAL!!)

peacockmom said...

Yes, I've finally arrived at the definition of too many wips: when the number exceeds the needles necessary for more projects calling to me. Otherwise, not a problem and wouldn't be if I lived where I could get needles easily. LOL