Saturday, November 12, 2011

Holiday gift or not

Panda cotton is perfect for spring and summer here and this experimental pair weighs 60 gms from 100 gms of yarn (2 skeins). Color is peapod. I was practicing the picot cuff, EOP heel flap stitch count for my narrow heel and plain foot with 6 pointed star toe. Good for practice and walking in the summer. :) Footies a gift to myself. :)


tvanwormer said...

Cute!Cute! is that a Coincidence.... PEA pod? Good on ya PEAcockmom.

peacockmom said...

LOLOL Too funny. And on Nov 14th we saw 3 new peachicks. Now have 11 peachildren. :)

tvanwormer said...

your little "peaps" are so adorable. What fun it must be to watch them grow.