Tuesday, December 13, 2011

all caught up

with both the holiday kal and prime time.

there are 14 people who have completed a project a month for the last 11 months. two have completed all their projects using crystal palace yarns products! WOW!

there were 43 holiday (0r not) projects completed by 17 people. so "some" of us got some of our gift knitting finished way ahead of time. ("some" of us are a complete failure, what can i say?!)

winners will be announced soon.


T.M. said...

I must say....I have really enjoyed seeing things that everyone has made. Just amazing. Thanks for letting me "play" along.

Kate said...

Wow, way to palace-knit, Susan and Carol.
What do the little stars mean?

adrienne said...

the stars are people who have completed all the projects from jan-nov and will be eligible for the grand prize drawing IF they complete a december project.

jdhforjc said...

I am knitting, I am knitting! But, only allowed to knit on big needles (uck.)