Wednesday, December 21, 2011

for ever & ever

As in....I'm going to love you ..... Although I originally thought the name would refer to the length of the garter stitch rows that just seemed to go on...for ever and ever.....

This was made with CPY Fiord --2.1 skeins/191 yds(jet) and Mini Mochi(market spice) -- 1 skein/195 yds on size 9 needles.

How to: Cast on 260 stitches in solid color(fiord), alternate solid color with striping yarn(mochi) -- 2 rows each. End when you run out of yarn, or like the way it looks, or just get tired of knitting it. Bind off in stretchy bind off. Pick up and add 4 rows of garter stitch on ends. Weave in ends...block by throwing it around your neck and dashing off to work. Squish into your pocket when not around your neck.

Came out to 8" by 58"
Started Dec 14th,
Ended Dec 21st.
Rav site:
I am keeping this one. really, really soft.


adrienne said...

i sometimes find knitting garter stitch very zen. =)

tvanwormer said...

It actually was very relaxing. And watching the way the mini mochi "stripped out" kept it interesting. I didn't try to, but for the most part, each mochi stripe was almost the same color throughout the stripe -- so it looked like I used a ton of different yarns -- different for each stripe, and spent a to of time coordinating the colors. The mini made it easy. Great way to use my single skein.