Wednesday, December 21, 2011

KALs for next year

i am sure that all of you will agree that susan and crystal palace yarns have been more than generous with the donation of prizes for our kals. at this point in time, it is hard to have susan be the only provider of prizes.

what are your feelings about continuing the year-long type kal without prizes? or having member donated prizes? susan would still donate prizes for a drawing where members use cpy for 6 out of the 12 months.

we can continue to have themed kals but prizes will depend on member donations or the use of crystal palace yarn products.

ETA: I've set up a poll on ravelry. Please go "vote."


Calophi said...

I would be willing to donate money to go towards a prize.

I don't want the responsibility of picking a prize and shipping it, and I don't have anything I normally sell that I could offer for free, but I'd be willing to bear the cost of, say, two skeins of yarn or so for the year-long KAL, either as a grand prize or as the consolation prize for those who finished but didn't win anything.

tvanwormer said...

I would participate even if there were no prizes...I do it for the friendship and sharing with the other participants. However, I do love prizes, and would be willing to "ante up" for any KAL I participate in that I do not use CPY yarn----and doesn't have a prize associated with it. I would also do a "round robin approach"---If I won a prize for KAL #1, then I would send a prize to the winner of KAL #2. It would be good if we could have "wish lists"(yarn, needles, peacockmom's knitted tool holder, calophi's carmel colored socks,Adrienne's OZ pattern, etc) for this, or fill out more info on our profiles! We could look at this as a chance to get to know each other better. -- Tracy

jdhforjc said...

I would play if there were no prizes. I can donate stitch markers as a prize with the things I already have at home. But, it would be hard for me to budget for other things until spring comes around. (hubby's work is slow, but he is still working! yeah!)

Kate said...

I left a comment on ravelry, but I wanted to add my thanks here. I didn't even know about Crystal Palace Yarns before stumbling across Adrienne's socks and then to here. And now it's one of my favorites! I need to update my ravelry stash... there are a lot more Mochis.