Saturday, December 31, 2011

kal is moving to ravelry!

after reading your comments and looking at the polls (which are finally “helpful”), i’ve decided to move the Carefree KALs to ravelry starting in january. we will finish the current prime time kal on the blog.

the plan will be to have a “no chat” thread for you to post your progress and finished pix. i will use that thread to track your completion for the kal. i will talk to susan about prizes for 6/12 finishers. if you wish to donate a prize for non cpy finishers, please pm (or email) me with what you what to donate. everyone who finishes the kal would be eligible for the non-cpy drawing. only those who complete 6/12 would be eligible for the cpy drawing.

please keep your membership in the Carefree Blog, just in case things need to change.

if you are not a member of ravelry, please join us over there. our group is "crystal palace yarns: kal's and other things."

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jdhforjc said...

thanks for everything you all do. We love CPY!