Saturday, December 31, 2011

Oak Creek Socks

And some of you thought I didn't know how to knit on toothpicks!!
Finished these off on a trip to Phoenix for mil's 75th birthday party. Knit with about .8 skeins of Supersocke 100 in sierra-effect (about 344 yards). on size 3 toothpicks. Started around December 10th, finished today, december 31st. I know that they could use a good blocking, but they ended up on someone's feet before I had a chance. Pattern is a hand written generic sock pattern that I had stashed in an old knitting bag a few years back. No idea where it originally came from.
rav site: Oak Creek Socks

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adrienne said...

size 3's are not toothpicks. wait until you use size 0's. and yes, i have. =P