Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hat attack

Adrienne gently reminded me that I have been remiss in posting my gift knitting to this blog, and so here I go:

Left to right:
1) Unoriginal Hat in Sheep Shop 2 yarn (I think the colorway's Primavera) for dd1's teacher. I originally tried to knit Bounce with this yarn, but it was too heavy.
2) Blue Hat Fit for a Boyfriend in Mission Falls 1824 Wool for dd1's friend's brother who I taught to knit.
3) Charcoal Hat Fit for a Boyfriend in Mission Falls 1824 Wool which was my first attempt (both with 90 st cast on instead of the pattern's 100), but is 1" too short. This will go to my friend's toddler.
4) Hermione Cable & Eyelet Hat in Crystal Palace Merino 5 Print for dd1's friend since dd1 stole the first hat I made for her prior to the KAL.

and on the bottom:
5) Lucky 7 hat in progress for my b-day brother 'cause I want to keep the Noro Maine morning mitts I originally made for him. Also in Mission Falls 1824 Wool, this time in black.

A few of these hats are modelled in my blog with a little more detail on the knitting, but in scattered posts. Once I'm done with the Lucky 7 hat, I'm going to move onto mitts, cowls, and maybe even a scarf.

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