Sunday, November 9, 2008

More WIPs

You're not alone in starting more projects before finishing one! I seem to keep doing that, too.

For example, another wrap. This one won't have a buttonhole; I've decided to use some kind of scarf pin to hold it closed. It's from Claudia Hand Painted boucle in the colorway Ink. Straight stockinette stitch, very easy, very elegant. Except for the inky blackness on my hands as I knit....

Then there's the second sock that I started a week ago; I can't count the first because I started it a couple of months ago. Claudia Hand Painted fingering, Buckeye colorway. I love love love the rich reds in this colorway. I've turned the heel and started on the foot.

Think I'll ever finish anything???

1 comment:

adrienne said...

finish something? nah! that just means you have to find even more projects to start!

inky fingers, huh? seems to be a problem with most dark handpaints?!