Friday, November 14, 2008


Well, I have not finished anything since my last post. I did finish ONE sock of a pair for the Through the Loops Mystery Sock KAL and am still plugging away on the second. I cast-on for a cute "Capitan" hat which was for ME, so I guess it doesn't matter that I didn't have time to post here, since it isn't appicable for our gift KAL! But I was sad that I had lost a purchased crocheted hat, so I felt justified in CO something for ME.

The very happy thing is that my cousin saw the hat and I now know that her daughter would appreciate one, so I am making her one for Christmas! So here is my Rosi Garmendia Capitan hat, v. 2.0 that I started this past Tuesday. I am just about done with the base hat portion and will have to make the brim and strap.
I also started another Cowl using the Malabrigo Silky. It started out as a gift for a friend, but being that I'm making one cousin the hat (above), I decided this might be a good gift for another cousin's kid. The color and pattern are right, and since I know I will see her on Christmas Eve (and probably sooner than my friend it was originally intended for...), it has now been re-assigned!
The color is Mint Frappe (and in person, you still cannot detect a hint of green!). I'm knitting the Ivy cowl pattern by Misty Wade that I found-where else?-on Ravelry!!!

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