Monday, December 8, 2008

clarification on the CPY yarn vote= WHAT TO DO

first look at the pictures below.

next pick your fave.

finally email me proflauraATfirststepinternetDOTcom

*not clickable-you have to fix the AT & DOT*

[i am keeping all votes tallied with name of member- not to be made public, but only to verify you are a KAL member]

i am sure that you will agree that all of them are wonderful. it will be hard to pick just one!! good luck to everyone!

fingerless gloves (panda soy, stained glass):

2. merletto mitts (panda wool, red lacquer):

3. through the loop mystery socks (panda cotton, fuchsia):

4. sweetie pie socks (panda soy, poppy red):

5. emily stitch socks (panda wool, violets & periwinkle):

6. basketweave socks (panda wool, basil curry):

7. monkey socks (panda wool, circus):

8. husband socks (panda soy, sable):


9. charade socks (panda wool, periwinkle & violets):

10. toe-up socks (panda soy, cocoa mint):

let the voting begin. voting will close on monday, december 8th at noon (pst).