Monday, December 8, 2008

these are rita's

Well. I still can't post. I'm using but I can only get into my own blog.

So, if you can stand it, I'll send you my info.

Oh, it looks like my name has been removed from the web page. I'm rita, but not mlj1954.

First, a photo of me wearing what I'm now calling my Big @ss Wrap. I don't have an editing program on this computer, so I can't show a photo of me wearing it; I did earlier send my photo of it hanging over a chair. Claudia Hand Painted Worsted, 3 skeins of Roasted Chilies, total 504 yards.

Then I knit a second Big @ss Wrap, same yarn, same yardage. (photo #1). This one has a blue button. Next one I'll knit without a buttonhole and use a shawl pin to close it.

I posted photos of both of them in progress earlier in the contest.

I knit a hat and scarf for my grandson who lives in Orlando. It gets awfully cold there in Florida; he won't leave the house without a coat and hat if it's below 70. (photo 2 shows progress; photo 3 shows finished, with my husband modeling.)

Hat made from Claudia Hand Painted Worsted Deep Blue and Claudia's fingering (unknown colorway), held together, approximately 100 yards; scarf is made from the Deep Blue only and took about 270 yards. These were finished just in time, on November 30 just before I went to bed.

I started some other things but didn't finish them in time. Actually, they haven't been finished yet! I did knit one sock, but since it's not a pair it doesn't count.

I don't think I knit anything else that can be counted. It was fun, it encouraged me to knit faster, and I thoroughly enjoyed the KAL!

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