Sunday, December 7, 2008


My husband´s sweater has been finished in time and I owe you pics, but have no good ones, only blurred ones. 870g => 1392 meter

My daughter´s Notre Dame de Grace Sweater is finished as well but I have no picture as I have and had problems with my camera. However Barbara is enjoying her new sweater. She is moving to another city where she will be working at the University. The year may be ending yet there are many beginnings. A new sweater may add a little comfort.

Today I browsed this blog and would like to thank all participants for posting here. Isn´t it amazing how many beautiful things have been made during these weeks?
Wishing you all a wonderful time coming
Margret in Germany


jdhforjc said...

wow, how pretty. I may try sweaters one day. They look hard.

maz said...

Hi there,
actually it is as with many things your choice if a thing is hard to do or not.
Sweaters like that one shown follow a general recipe and if the recipient is not "constructed" in a very outstanding way, proportions are what do the fit automatically.
I seldom have to modify more than the lengths of sleeves and body to the armpits, once I have the individual width.
Choosing a comfortable gauge and a smooth yarn will enable you to finish a sweater in shorter time than you ever thought.

Just have a try and if any problem is to be met, I would be glad to help out, any time.
Just a passionate knitter