Monday, December 8, 2008

we have a winner!

but first, i am going to share what i've been working on since nov 30th. i know all of you are really interested, right?!

it's a PAIR of socks knit with panda superwash "joyful". i finished up the toe of the second sock on dec 1st! but they are done. pattern will eventually be available on the crystal palace yarn website. i used the jojo heel and they are nice for a short row heel. i did add a mini 1" heel flap before knitting the heel; otherwise, the sock would not fit.

and i finished a "PAIR" of "turn-a-square" hats for my nephews. i have one more to knit.

oh. who won? i'm not telling yet. come back tomorrow when we will announce the winner of the "fave" cpy project; along with the winner of the grand prize of 4 balls of cpy and the 12 winners of 2 balls of cpy. i have taken my "enormous" amounts of yards out of the mix thereby increasing your chances of being a winner! LOL!

meanwhile, start looking through all the finished projects for some of your favorite ones. we will be having another contest for favorite project of the entire kal. some more winners coming up!

gotta go crank up the random generator machine. who wants to guess how many entries we have?!

see you tomorrow


debi's place said...

We don't have that kind of lighting outside this time of year.

Aunt Kathy said...

I am guessing there were 155 entries

kadezmom said...

Love those socks! What a great colorway. I'll be happy to see that one available.

entries??? Numbers??? Hum...that means another set of guessing!

I'll take 345

jdhforjc said...

264 for me
and 467 for katie
and katie
#18 &19

adrienne said...

hey, katie was really close!