Saturday, February 28, 2009

52 Week Challenge

Dear Jane, you have created a monster! This slipper pattern is fun, and leaves room to play, which I did this time. I stuck to the numbers given in the pattern this time, but just had to add a little "frou-frou" Fun Fur. I would guess 360yds. Next time, I think I need to use smaller needles where the frou-frou is, as I forgot that they won't felt as well where there is frou-frou. Wow, that means I knit around 930yds this month! Bigger needles and quicker projects are much gentler on carpal tunnel. :o)


Aunt Kathy said...

Ok now my next pair of slippers and yes there will be at least three more pairs MUST have some fun fur too. What a great idea. I added some felted bobbles to one pair and was thinking of other ways to dress them up, this is brillant. Now where is that pattons merino wool???

mtannie said...

Tank you! I only used the fun fur on half of those two squares, diagonally, which turned out to be a lifesaver, since I didn't have to seam through it at all. Can't remember why I did it that way, I think because I didn't want it to tickle the ankles, lol. I cut out a paper model and labeled the edges of the first and last squares before folding it, then folded it into shape to figure out where I wanted/needed to knit in the Fun Fur.

mtannie said...
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