Saturday, February 28, 2009

February's Projects Finally, talk about last minute

Well February I was on a slipper, headband and dishcloth kick. I knitted more then this but I keep forgetting to take progress pictures.

These purple slippers are a drops design I sorta improvised... not sure if the yarn is wool or not so didn't try to felt them

This second try at the felted Norweigan slippers went way better. I used smaller needles and less stitches and they fit my feet well. And this time no errors either, LOL. I also made a totally solid pick pair which was awesome because I just knitted to a length and turned and did the side rows. But alas no progress photos, but I will get them in my Ravelry projects soon.

The round dishcloth is a pattern I designed, I made 4 or 5 of them but only have photos of 3.

I made two of the heart square dishcloth, this solid one and a variegated one but again no progress of the other.

And these headbands I think thay are called Nora headband and the pattern is available for free on Ravelry too... so easy and FUN. Who would have thought cables could br FUN?

I have had the flu for a week and am just feeling better so if I was supposed to post something else like yardage or something my apologies. I can't think that much right now. Foggy brain, you know?

Got lots planned for March... so I'll see you there.

Aunt Kathy


adrienne said...

yes, you should post how many yards you knitted/crocheted just so i can tell that you met the minumum.

although, with all those projects, i am pretty sure that you used more than enough. but next time.....

mtannie said...

I love your purple slippers! For some reason, they look very Victorian; must be the toes, long and elegant-looking. The pom-poms give them abit of flair, too. :o)