Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fingerless Gloves

I have worked on this pair this month in secret... as a small birthday present to myself. I made the pair (although you see just one hand photographed, the other hand is holding the camera) out of 1 skein Panda Soy Positive Purple. 10 meters of yarn were left when done, and these ended up in the blanket.


Brenda said...

Nice fingerless gloves Bianca. The fit looks nice and snug, and they look wonderfully warm. I haven't tried Panda Soy yet, I especially love the color.

I have tendon damage in both hands/wrists and wearing wristers/fingerless gloves I've made sure make a difference in keeping muscles and tendons warm and reduce pain.

Nice Job.

Brenda in Alberta (Owlsrook)

adrienne said...

i haven't figured out how to take a picture of both hands at the same time either! :P

it was hard enough taking a picture of my right hand with the camera in my left hand (yes, i am right-handed). don't ask me why i knit the sample mitt as a right hand, duh!

very nice mitts!

kadezmom said...


Beautiful and what a great way to add to the blanke stash!