Sunday, April 19, 2009

52-week for April

Hi, on a hat and scarf frenzy. Three hats finished two Rook and one Phannie on Ravelry. I had tons of Noro around and thought I would use it. Yardage total is 470 yds for all three (rooks 218yds and Phannie 252yds.) I actually used more on each because both Katie and I have "too many brains!" She is eight and wearing my hats! I will definately make more of these but with better yarn. I will post an occasional traveling scarf pic from each group but have them all if you want to see them and give a basic guess-ta-met on a basic one. (Two scarves 5" wide and 50" long.) Totals will be in August.

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mtannie said...

I cannot get over how much you and Katie look alike; that is so cool.
The mostly blue hat (the bottom pic) is absolutely yummy. AS for hat size, I didn't read the comment on your most recent post, so maybe you already got the answer, but there are a few ways to increase the pattern for lrger heads. You can either add another pattern repeat, or, depending on the pattern, you can insert plain stockinette in between each pattern repeat. The easiest way for me to do that is to get out the graph paper to make sure I figure it out right.
The scarf patterns look pretty too; I especially like the teal one.