Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pothos variation finished

I used 80gms of crockpot dyed Patonyle for this pair of socks. I think I knit them twice with all the frogging involved. My Easter houseguest loved them so I will surprise her for her birthday in June. She calls the ribbing below the leaf section "a cute little waist". I did the usual Anne Hanson heel flap and remainder of the sock.
I plan to finish the 2nd Green Goddess sock for May.


debi's place said...

Great job. Look wonderful. You should be proud of them.

jdhforjc said...

what a pretty color!

peacockmom said...

Thanks, Debi and Jody. Glaad you like them AND the color. :) I dyed about 500 gms of the patonyle in the crockpot with the Wilton's teal frosting dye. I later realized that was way too much so I played with it 100 gms at a time by putting it back into the pot and drizzling some ordinary blue food coloring over it in random areas. Still have more socks to knit with it and started another one last night. I also have a request to knit another pinwheel blankie (guess what color?!)